Peanutbutter Chocolate Scones


There is no combo better than peanut butter and chocolate,  and if you agree you have to try these scones. They can be made in a Vitamix or other food processor/blender which makes them super simple and easy to make. I am all about easy baking and this is definitely a fail safe recipe.   Continue reading

Scone Bar (6 Flavours)



Scone Bar with 6 flavours

This is the perfect idea for mothers day or any scone lover’s birthday! I personally love scones and so does most of my family so I decided to make this scone bar with a selection of 6 flavors for everyone to enjoy. Although this may sound complex it takes under an hour to make and the recipes are simple and customizable! Continue reading

Lemon Scones

IMG_1922.jpgNever made scones before? Well, these are the perfect ones to start with! These perfectly sweet lemon scones are crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. These scones are a bit of a twist on the classic lemon poppy seed scones because…there are no poppy seeds of course but they can always be added. These were the first scones I ever made and they have turned out perfect every single time! Continue reading