Parmesan and Pesto Baked Tomatoes

Parmesan Baked tomatoes

These parmesan and pesto baked tomatoes are a perfect way to spice up some leftover tomatoes.  You can use them for a quick sandwich or an easy appetizer to serve guests. The great part is you are not limited to parmesan You can use any cheese,  such as mozzarella, goat cheese, and so on. I also decided to add pesto to a couple of the tomatoes for flavor. Continue reading

Lunch In A Jar (2 New Salads)


I recently tried this amazing lunch idea….and it’s in an adorable mason jar. Being able to layer foods and see the different layers, makes this lunch so much more appealing! Because of its appeal and creative container, this is a great lunch for eating outdoors or while on the go.  The cool part about these lunches in a jar is the fact that you are not limited to any ingredients; you can make all kinds of salads, pasta, and other lunch dishes,

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