6 Tips to Stay Hydrated

Hydration tips

I can’t say enough about the importance of hydration. Water is vital for the skin, the mind, the body, and so much more. Water is vital for the transportation of nutrients, the movement of joints and muscles, and it allows one to feel overall more healthy and energized. You might not actually think you are dehydrated until you start drinking more water and feeling much better. All that being said, I know that life gets in the way and so I decided to put together some tips that you can use to ensure you are drinking enough water. These will be especially helpful during hot summer months when the sun is out and shining!

Health experts recommend about eight, eight-ounce glasses, of water a day which is about two liters.  This may sound intimidating if you are only drinking 1-2 glasses a day, so here are some tips to help.

1. Fruit Cubes

fruit ice cubesFruit in water is a super great way to add a bit of fun to a simple glass of water, however, it can be tedious to cut up fruit every time you want a simple glass of water. What I recommend is making fruit cubes. Simply fill up an ice cube tray until each cup is 3/4 full and then add some lemon juice, berries, cucumber or mint to each cube. The ice will provide you with a perfectly chilled glass of water while the fruit adds a bit of flavor. I used some cute mason jars to store my water, which is great for an outdoor barbecue or picnic.

2. Carry A Reusable Water Bottle

water bottle.jpg

I am surprised at by the number of people that do not carry around a reusable water bottle. They are perfect for on-the-go, school, work, or any sport like activities. I stick to BPA free metal water bottles because they are long lasting and they are much better for the environment than non-reusable plastic ones. If you are constantly out of the house I recommend taking one of these with you.

3. A Water Tracker

water tracker.jpg

So how do you know if you really are drinking enough water?Make yourself one of the circular water traders on the computer or simply draw a basic chart and track how often you are drinking 8 glasses of water for 1 month. I am sure you will be surprised. If you find you drink enough water a day , keep it up! But if not, it is never too late to start.

4. Drink Decafinated Tea

drink tea.jpg

If you think about it, tea is basically just flavored water. If you don’t enjoy drinking so many glasses of water a day, you could replace a glass of water with a couple mugs of decaffeinated tea. Not only will you stay hydrated but you will receive the added health benefits from the tea. For maximum health and hydration, I recommend an herbal or green tea. Avoiding caffeine is actually key as it can cause you to loose water.

5. Water Popsicles

water popsicles.jpg

If you have popsicle makers, fill them with 9 parts water and one part juice then drop some fresh fruit into them for appearance. For the first popsicle, I used lemon juice and fresh lemon and limes. For the second, I used pomegranate juice with fresh blueberries. This idea is great for kids and they make a great summer snack. Although they are not incredibly sweet and sugary, they are super refreshing on a hot day

*When I made these I used lime juice in the first which made the popsicle much too sour so I would stick to a bit of lemon juice for a nice sweet lemonade flavour.

6. Fill A Two Litre Jug

fill a water jug.jpg

What I like to do is fill up a two-liter jug with ice water at the start of the day. Then throughout the day, I will drink the water ensuring I am finished by the end of the day. This way I know I have drunk the recommended two liters of water, and I do not have to interrupt my work to get a glass of water. Placing a jug of water beside your nightstand or on your kitchen table may also be helpful for when you get thirsty.


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