3 Simple ways to Spice up a Shortbread Cookie


It is always fun to decorate cookies during the holidays especially when you have new fun ideas to experiment with. I decided to come up with three very easy but creative ways to spice up a simple shortbread cookie. I love these decorating ideas because they are so easy and they taste amazing!  They also look like they took hours to do when they really take no time at all. All the ingredients used are easy to find especially around the holidays and they are easy to use. I hope you enjoy these decorating ideas just as much as I did.

1.The Thumbprint


Roll the dough and flatten into a circular shape. Make a thumbprint in the centre of each cookie and fill with any topping of your choice. Then bake and let cool. These cookies are simple but very tasty. I love to use chocolate chips, both milk and dark chocolate. I also used jam for a more classy cookie. These are great cookies for kids to make because they will enjoy making the thumbprints and filling them.

2.Decorate with Toppings


It’s really fun to find creative toppings around the Holliday season. For these cookies I made the dough into circular shapes and used a fork to score the top of the cookies and give them some texture. To score the cookie, run the fork along the top of the cookie in crossing directions. Top the cookies, I used crushed candy cane, Christmas themed sprinkles, chopped nuts and chocolate chips. Be creative and discover your favourite combinations.

3.The Macaroon Dipped Cookie


If you are a fan of coconut and chocolate like I am, this is the cookie for you. For these cookies I let them bake and cool before adding the toppings. When they were cooled I poured some melted chocolate onto each cookie then sprinkled coconut on top. It is that simple! You could eat these while the chocolate is still warm a gooey or you can let the chocolate harden by placing them in the fridge for a few minutes.

3 thoughts on “3 Simple ways to Spice up a Shortbread Cookie

  1. Sheela - / -

    I love these ideas thanks for sharing !


  2. Jody - / -

    Wow! They all look so delicious. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Keep it up. I love seeing your fun ideas.


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